Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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The War on COVID: Perspectives from a multi-disciplinary battlefield

The talk 'The War on COVID:Perspective from Multi-disciplinary Battlefields' will be held on the Wednesday of 27/01/2021 on Microsoft Teams. After you book your ticket, we will directly sent the invitation of the talk to your registered email address.

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The whole event consists of three talks from Dr Samir Bhatt, Ms Heather Fraser and Dr Thomas Dale MacLaine. The talks will be held at 14:00, 15:30 and 17:00. Each talk lasts 45 minutes long followed by a 20 mins Q&A session to the speakers. The speakers will be presenting the work that they have done on fighting the COVID situation as well as providing thoughts on the current stage of fighting COVID.


The expertise of the speakers are as follow:

Dr Samir Bhatt- Senior lecture at Faculty of Medicine, School of Public Health, Imperial college.

Dr Bhatt, as a member of the Imperial’s Covid-19 Response team, has participating in building statistics analytical model for New York city to simulate the spread of the COVID virus for better preventive measure. In addition, he had publicly opposed the idea of herd immunity using concrete research and data analysis. He states:'Claims to the contrary, suggesting that we have already reached herd immunity, can be firmly rejected by independent, credible data from around the world. In short, the pandemic is far from over.'

Ms Heather Fraser- Global Lead of Healthcare and Life Sciences at IBM

Ms Fraser is changing how traditional and non-traditional parties across healthcare think about using new technologies to provide optimum patient outcomes. Her research and thought leadership at IBM include stimulating collaboration amongst life sciences, providers, payers, regulators and beyond to nutrition, electronics and telecoms. Through COVID, Ms Heather Fraser has led the IBV(Institute for Business Value) team at IBM to investigate business behaviours and provide guidance on coping with lockdown through research and consumer surveys.

Dr Thomas Dale MacLaine- Healthcare assistant(+) at Warwick and George Elliot Hospital

Tom, like many other medical students nationally, stepped into the hospitals to support the local Trusts. Since then, he has now become a regular part of the ED team. With standing alongside the patients from this pandemic, he has obtained the first hand experience of treating coronavirus patients. He is at the frontline, along with thousands of medical professionals, using their skills and knowledge saving the population from this crisis.


The initiative to held this talk is to create an opportunity for the students and the public to received direct information from the professionals who are fighting at the frontline of the COVID battlefield. With seeing the story and difficulties from each role at the war, we are sure that as a community we will have a better understanding on how to fight towards the victory that we have long desired.

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