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Suture Workshop

  • Practical session supervised by senior surgical registrar
  • Teaching ratio of 5/6:1
  • One set of suture training material per student
  • All surgical instruments provided
  • Range of surgical techniques taught using audio-visual media and practical hands on experience
  • Certificate of Attendance for all delegates

The first opportunity to develop surgical suture skills comes in Junior Surgery rotation, which some students may not have until two thirds of the way through third year. This short course will introduce the basic skills to students at an early level to foster an interest in surgery in advance of them commencing their Junior Surgery Rotation.

All equipment is provided and students are encouraged to learn and practice a variety of techniques. These include;

  • Interrupted suture
  • Horizontal and vertical mattress suture
  • Sub-cuticular suture
  • How to tie a range of surgical knots including the basic instrument knot.

There is also a handout available as a download here: Surgical Square Knot(PDF Document) Introduction to knots(PDF Document)