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Teddy Bear Hospital


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Teddy Bear Hospital is a voluntary project ran by medical students aimed at children between the ages of 4-8 years.

Visiting hospitals or doctors can be particularly worrying for young children. The Teddy Bear Hospital project provides a fun, friendly and relaxed platform that enables children to experience the consultation atmosphere in a mock hospital setting.

The aims of our Teddy Bear Clinics are:

  • To enable Warwick medical students to further develop their interaction skills with children
  • To facilitate local children with doctor-patient consultations so that they are less nervous about trips to the doctor/hospital
  • To educate children about healthy eating and exercise in a fun and friendly way.

Children are invited to bring along their 'poorly' teddy bear to visit the Teddy Bear Doctor. The doctor then writes a paw-scription for love and hugs! The bear might also need a bandage or plaster-cast, which the children can apply at a fun and messy station! Other stations include exercising with their teddy bear, healthy eating and learning about the bones in the human body.