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Typical Day


Our sessions involve us working with children aged between 3 - 7. We provide age-appropriate health education, promoting healthy living and increasing understanding of the health system and hopefully reduce children's fear of health care workers and the hospital environment.

To start the session and introduce the children to the Teddy Bear Doctors, we begin with a familiar game of Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes, serving as both a warm-up exercise and an ice-breaker. After the children have become accustomed to the new faces they are divided into groups of 6 to start the session in earnest.


Each group of children will be able to spend around 10-15 minutes at each of the different stations:

  • Emergency & first-aid - calling 999
  • Exercise
  • Anatomy station
  • Plaster cast and bandaging - where we bandage each teddy
  • Pawscriptions - where our Teddy Doctor tells the children how to take care of their poorly teddy! This is a lovely souvenir for the children to take home to show their parents!
  • Teeth cleaning and healthy eating - which involves sorting between good and bad food and learning about a healthy diet.

Each station allows the children to learn about various health related issues, learn about their body and become more aware of our role as a doctor and that we are not too scary!