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Trauma & Emergency Medicine Society

Trauma & Emergency Medicine Society

Welcome to Warwick Medical School's student society dedicated to treating challenging & time-critical patients.

Expand your comfort zone with our inspiring talks & scenario days.

Make your A-E as easy as ABG...

What we do

Get inspired by talks from trauma & emergency practitioners.

Learn & practice the latest medical research.

Get familiar with using a wide range of medical equipment in our scenario training.

Observe shifts with West Midlands Ambulance Service (coming soon).

Get involved

Join our Facebook group to become part of & keep up to date with the society. For free!

Meet our Committee

Learn more about the students who make the society happen here (coming soon).

If you're interested in pre-hospital medicine, visit Warwick Wilderness Medicine - our sister society.

Trauma & Emergency Medicine Society Simulation

Build confidence & practice your emergency medicine skills at our low & high fidelity scenario training.

Join us for our next event........

Radiology in the ED - 26 February 2020

Radiology Event Pneumothorax X-Ray