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Trauma & Emergency Medicine Society - What we do

Overhead photo of emergency medicine treatment

Expand your comfort zone...

Medicine is challenging.

Get inspired

Hear from inspiring trauma and emergency medicine practitioners at our regular talks. Previous speakers include...

  • Dr Caroline Leech - HEMS Doctor, Emergency Medicine Consultant & Major Trauma Lead at UHCW
  • Dr Steph Cowan - West Midlands Central Accident, Resuscitation & Emergency (CARE) Team
  • Dr Brin Grewal - Anaesthetics Consultant at SWFT with pre-hospital experience in motorsport

Learn & Practice

Medical school won't teach you everything.

Get Familiar

Master a wide range of emergency medical equipment long before you need it for real.

We have access to a vast array of expired medical equipment to practice with, from advanced airway management to simulated interactive defibrillators. Our frequent training scenarios are perfect to get to grips with everything.

Bag valve mask on a patient

Observe Ambulance Shifts