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Summer Programme: Postgraduate Award in Scientific Research and Communication (F1PF)

Programme Details

  • Programme Duration: approximately 8 weeks
  • Start Date: Monday 18th July 2011 (exact date to be confirmed)
  • End Date: Friday 9th September 2011 (exact date to be confirmed)
  • Award: Postgraduate Award in ‘Scientific Research and Communication’
  • Director: Professor Alison Rodger, Director MOAC Doctoral Training Centre.


Programme Overview

Successful completion of university-level research requires that a student has made a ‘substantial contribution to knowledge’ and that they have communicated this to the scientific community. There are many aspects to undertaking original research including a student’s own ability to think and to be creative. In addition, a student needs to have a range of skills that will enable you them to use their intrinsic academic ability and scientific creativity to produce world class research. Some of the skills are technical, e.g. how to use a particular piece of equipment to collect data, but many of them transcend the details of a particular project. This programme is designed to help students gain those transferable research skills.

There will be four main learning outcomes of the summer programme

  • Understanding the scientific background to a research area
  • Planning a project
  • Presenting your work
  • Working with colleagues

Successful completion of this 8 week summer programme leads to the award of a Postgraduate Award in ‘Scientific Research and Communication’ from the University of Warwick.

The first four weeks of the programme involve two options.

Option 1: is delivered by the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) and focus on English for specific purposes as well as study skills such as searching for information, synthesising source texts and referencing.
Option 2: is delivered by the Centre for Life Long Learning and will involve a structured course on English culture including further options from Shakespeare, historical buildings, etc. Click here for more details. Please note that if you take these courses as part of the programme in 2010, then these modules will not be accredited. For more information on the impact of this, please contact Sarah Shute on

The second four weeks of the programme will be delivered by the MOAC Doctoral Training Centre and will focus on the training in transferable scientific research skills as outlined above.

Students will have a unique opportunity to shadow current postdoctoral researchers or senior postgraduate researchers from departments across the Faculties of Science and Medicine.

Visa requirements

For information on visa requirements, please click here



Accommodation will be provided in our superb on-campus facilities. Once you have been accepted to the programme, you will be contacted to arrange accommodation. For more information, please click here.


Cultural Programme

An extensive cultural programme of excursions and visits will be facilitated alongside students from the summer presessional English language programmes. 



Students will have the opportunity to meet and network with current postdoctoral researchers or senior postgraduate researchers from departments across the Faculties of Science and Medicine. wolfson_research_exchange.jpg

The Research Exchange provides a central location where academic researchers and postgraduate research students can come into contact with colleagues across the campus, to discuss and explore their research together. The Centre is a purpose-built facility for researchers and offers a range of imaginative and technology-rich work envrionments, centrally located in the Library with a design supporting uses from group seminars, conferences and workshops, to formal and relaxed independent study.

The Centre has three fully flexible seminar rooms that host a large variety of audio-visual equipment for presentation purposes, including video-conferencing facilities, and also have trained technical advisers on hand for demonstrations and further assistance.coffeetablegroup1.jpg

For more information, please click here