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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Science Industry Day
The Slate

How can you place sustainability at the heart of your research and development?

From plastics to transport to energy, sustainability plays an integral role in all industries. So whether you’re an SME, national company or multinational corporation, the University of Warwick can help you develop sustainable products and services for your customer base.

From enhancing brand reputation to increasing productivity and reducing costs, sustainability opens up a host of business benefits. With better use and conservation of resources, operations will be streamlined and costs will decrease, so it makes good business sense and good environmental sense to focus on sustainability.

We’ve collaborated with hundreds of businesses to help them thrive. In recent years, companies such as Element Six, Rolls Royce and IBM have presented on how Warwick has helped their research and development, with Innovate and EPSRC providing details of the latest funding opportunities.