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Student Experience

With over 150 students, there is a thriving postgraduate community in the Physics Department. In fact, the university has around 7000 postgrads: the Student Union represents both postgrads and undergrads, and all students are welcome to join the vast array of Societies active on campus.

Academic Matters

The Postgraduate Student-Staff Liaison Committee deals with postgraduate issues at the departmental level as well as organising social events and regular, informal, pizza-powered postgraduate seminars.

Social Activities

Recent social events include karting and a theatre trip to Stratford, as well as regular jollies centred around the student bar. The university's Postgraduate Society has lots of Physics involvement and also organises many social events.

Living Costs

A useful page summarising living costs in and around Warwick, Coventry and Leamington Spa. Postgrads do not usually live on campus but in shared houses in these areas, although overseas students can normally live on campus if they prefer.


Warwick boasts excellent sports facilities, with more than 75 sports clubs (undergrad and postgrad students participate together), a nice gym, great climbing wall and decent swimming pool, and plenty of opportunities for thrashing your lab mates (or supervisor...) at squash.

Social Networks

Various groups across campus have social networking sites. Further details on these can be found by clicking here.

Student Profiles

Details on life in the Physics department and at Warwick from current and past postgradutes can be found here