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Mathematics and Physics Courses

UCAS Codes: GF13 (for the BSc), FG31 (for the MMathPhys)


Mathematics and physics are complementary subjects and make a sensible combination to study at university. There are many examples of unexpected discoveries resulting from interaction between the two disciplines. Ideas developed in particle physics have led to advances in geometry - a branch of pure mathematics. Advances in the understanding of chaos provide another example. Ideas from the theory are being applied increasingly in the modelling of complex physical systems such as the atmosphere and lasers.

The Warwick joint courses (BSc and MMathPhys) are now among the best-established in the country with around 65 students starting each year. The courses include a significant proportion of modules from both contributing departments designed primarily for joint degree students. Provided you do well enough in the examinations, it is possible at the end of the First Year to transfer to either of the single subject degrees.

Warwick is strong in research in a number of branches of mathematics and physics, and is well-placed to offer accounts of those developments likely to be of most interest to joint degree students. These include non-linear systems (there are modules on the weather, modelling of biological systems, and complexity theory) and theoretical physics.

You can find the specification of the modules currently taught in each year by following the links above.