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First Year Modules

These were the regulations for 2021/22.

The programme consists of a core with further modules taken from an options list. Enough options have to be taken in order to raise the total load to at least 126 CATS credits, which is the normal load. The maximum permitted load is 150 CATS credits.

Core Modules Weeks CATS Credit
MA106 Linear Algebra 15-24 12
MA133 Differential Equations 1-10 12
MA137 Mathematical Analysis 1-24 24
MA138 Sets and Numbers 1-10 12
PX101 Quantum Phenomena 30-33 6
PX120 Electricity & Magnetism 15-24 12
PX129 Tutorial 1-34 12
PX145 Physics Foundations 1-10 12
PX148 Classical Mechanics and Relativity 1-10 12
PX150 Physics Programming Workshop 15-19 6
    Total 120
MA117 Programming for Scientists 15-24 12
MA136 Introduction to Abstract Algebra 2-9 6
PX144 Introduction to Astronomy 15-19 6
PX147 Introduction to Particle Physics 20-24 6
ST111 Probability A 15-19 6
ST112 Probability B 20-24 6

Where options are taken, so that the load differs from the normal load, the marks for all modules attempted will appear on your University transcript. The overall year mark will be calculated as the arithmetic mean of the subset of whole modules, weighted according to their credit weighting, which satisfies the course regulations and results in the highest mark.

You should take extra modules only if they interest you. Your Tutor will advise on option choices if asked. Please note that registering for modules and then not attempting the examination may be considered an abuse of the system and could lead to sanctions.

Important Notice

The modules listed above are the ones that you will normally be permitted to register for. If you wish to take an unusual option you should consult our document on unusual options prior to taking any such modules.