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Physics Courses

UCAS Codes: F300 BSc, F303 MPhys


Physics aims to observe and explain the behaviour of the physical universe. It looks for laws, which account for what we observe. Part of the appeal of the subject is that the physical world is governed by remarkably few such laws and that these apply everywhere and to everything.

The structure of our courses reflects the structure of the subject. All students take the core lecture and practical modules and choose further modules from the lists of options. The core lectures cover the fundamental principles, like those of quantum theory, thermodynamics and relativity. The options concentrate on the phenomena the basic laws can explain, such as how stars form or how elementary particles interact. You can take some modules from outside of physics. We encourage students not only to consider modules related to physics, for example in computing, but also modules in philosophy and modern languages.

You can find the specification of the modules currently taught in each year by following the links above.