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Travel and Conference Funding

Institute of Physics Research Student Conference Fund (RSCF)

Information on obtaining conference funding from the IOP can be found here. The RSCF can provide up to £300 per student (in total over the course of their PhD) towards attending international meetings and major national meetings not organized by the IOP, IOP Groups or IOP Divisions. Student members of the IOP are strongly encouraged to make use of the RSCF.

Applications are considered on a quarterly basis and should reach the Institute by: 1 March, 1 June, 1 September or 1 December. A decision will be made within eight weeks of the closing date, so the deadline chosen must be at least *three months* before the meeting. Please submit your application as early as possible.

Institute of Physics CR Barber Trust

The CR Barber Trust Fund grant is available to research students who are members of the IOP. The fund is intended to supplement grants from other sources to attend overseas conferences. Applicants can apply for up to £300 dependent on the location of the conference. More information here. 

Further information on IOP funding support can be found here.

Departmental Travel Funds

Most postgraduate students in Physics have a notional allowance of £2000 - PhD, £500 MSc, to cover conference fees and travel during their time as a student. For students funded as part of a research grant, the travel funds will be funded from the grant. For case students, the CASE award usually provides a generous travel allowance. For UKRC funded students a specific code is set up for your three year conference funds of the form: B.PXAA.0809.MJH where MJH are the students initials, and 0809 is the year of entry. All other students will have a code that looks like this: PX1415OXS. As per the previous code, OXS are the students initials and 1415 is the year of entry. To find out your code, please look here.

The Postgraduate Co-ordinator (Rosalind Johnstone) is able to update you on your remaining budget and/or details of what you have spent.

Other sources of funding may be available that are research-area specific - please ask your supervisor for advice about these.