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Physics Postgraduate Conference Travel Codes

Your travel code for attending conferences approved by your supervisor can be found below.

BEFORE you book anything you should check there is enough money left in your budget. Contact the Postgraduate Co-ordinator who will be able to give you an up to date figure. Gaining approval to attend a conference from your supervisor is not approval for the expenditure.

When it comes to booking flights/travel/conferences etc., go to Opera first to raise a Purchase Order. This will remove the need to pay yourself and then claim it back.

If your conference requires you to pay on line in advance, please go to the Finance Office where you can pay with a department card.

If you need to check what has been charged against your budget speak to the Postgraduate Co-ordinator.

This travel budget is for Conference Travel and unless you are funded by a project, if you have to travel for any other reason then you should speak to your supervisor for a different code. This does not mean you will be doing something wrong if you use the codes below for something else, it just means you may use up your budget too soon and have no money left for conferences in the future. If you are unsure, please speak to the Postgraduate Co-ordinator who will be happy to explain further.

NOTE 1: Do not use B or P-codes to buy consumables items. Please use your respective group recurrent codes (i.e 09PXREXX)

NOTE 2: Do not use B or P-codes for experimental costs (i.e. trips abroad for data collection). These codes should be used for conferences or similar events where you will present you work. If you feel your event does not come under this catagory, speaking to your supervisor and asking for funding should soon clarify the situation. If you have two codes, you are funded from two different sources. £1000 for each code.

NOTE 3: If your conference travel code starts with R or an A, you do not have an individual travel code/budget. Your supervisor will be aware of the remaining travel budget

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