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Students started academic year 2018-19

CMP Folusho Balogun
CMP Xavier Barker
CMP Christopher Benjamin
CMP Edward Butle-Caddle
CMP Simone Coppola
CMP Joe Cregeen
CMP Ibrahim Elhoussieny
CMP Abigail Graham
CMP Amelia Hall
CMP Hannah Lindley
CMP James March
CMP Thomas Rehaag
CMP Zainab Rehman
CMP Sam Seddon
CMP Elizabeth Sharp
CMP Will Somerset
CMP Stephen Williams
CMP Hangbo Zhang

Students started academic year 2017-18

CMP Amanda To High sensitivity electromagnetic testing of hi-technology and safety-critical metal components
CMP Jeffrey Ede
CMP Sam Curley Quantum materials under extreme conditions
CMP Sam Holt Skyrmionic materials
CMP Ben Griffith
CMP Beth Hampshire
CMP Daniela Dogaru Topological entities in perovskite oxides
CMP Adam Carver
CMP Dorin Rusu
CMP Lunci Xiang
Theory Alexander Houston
Theory Benoit Assi
Theory Leonardo Benini
Theory Conor McGuinness

Students started academic year 2016-17

CMP Maria Burdanova High field terahertz spectroscopy of advanced materials
CMP James Gott Atomic Resolution Structure and Spectroscopy of Semiconducting Nanowires
CMP Sarah Mann
CMP Maurizio Monti Ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy of nanomaterials
CMP Matthew Pearce Electrons in superconductors and other quantum states of matter
CMP Charlotte Slade Structural and Functional properties of Filled Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
CMP Guy Stimpson
CMP Amy Walton Physics of rare-earth transition metal permanent magnets: new magnetic sensors
CMP Xue Xia Growth and electron microscopy of van der Waals heterostructures

Students started academic year 2015-16

CMP Marinos Antoniou
CMP Panayiota Argyrou Experimental Studies of Noncentrosymmetric Superconductors
CMP Kristian Barnsley
CMP Alan Brunier Functionalities at ferroic domain walls
CMP Richard Henshaw The dynamics of phototaxis in the model green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
CMP Zhengdong Luo Electrode and interface effects in multiferroic tunnel junctions
CMP Daniel Mayoh Experimental Studies of Noncentrosymmetric Superconductors
CMP Anjali Menakath
CMP Connor Mosley Electromagnons in multiferroics: dynamics of spins with a twist
CMP Daniel O'Neill Fermiology and spin densities: high energy x-ray scattering and electronic structure calculations
CMP George Parry
CMP Simon Riberolles
CMP Natalie Teutsch Microscopy and spectroscopy of heterostructures of two-dimensional materials
CMP Jozef Tkocz High temperature ultrasonic measurements of steel

Students started academic year 2014-15

CMP Alifah Ab Rahman Growth and properties of magnetic heterostructures
CMP Talha Ahmad Topological Insulators
CMP Will Blackmore Controlling quantum magnetsim: molecules, high fields and pressures
CMP Phil Blowey Geometrical and electronic structure of organic semiconductor molecules on metal surfaces
CFSA Thomas Freeman Electron dynamics in FEL excited matter
CMP James Bryant Surface science and particle physics: new detectors, from neutrinos to industry
CMP David Greving X-ray Scattering from Nanostructures
CMP Zac Laker Molecular microscopy and spectroscopy with graphene
CMP Oliver Newell Strained Germanium quantum well spintronic devices
CMP Colin Stephen Detecting spin qubits in silicon with nitrogen vacancy centes in diamond
CMP Mingmin Yang Photoelectric processes in ferroelectric/multiferroic films
Theory Eduardo Mendive Tapia The Changing Shape of Magnetic Refrigeration

Students started academic year 2013-14

Al Hashmi Badriya CMP
Apachitei Geanina CMP
Brambleby Jamie CMP
Brunt Dan CMP
Colston Gerard CMP
Failla Michele CMP
Glover Steph CMP
Hill Rachael CMP
Marks Sam CMP
Mousley Philip CMP/Diamond Light Source
Peters Jonathan CMP

Students started academic year 2012-13

Barker Joel CMP
Brown Sam Theory
Foronda Jamie CMP
Humpert Anja Theory
Krupski Kate CMP
Nye Dan CMP
Ouserigha Collins CMP/Theory
Patchett David CMP
Saghir Mo CMP
Sivadasan Vineet CMP
Skilbeck Mark CMP
Wang Haiyuan CMP/Theory