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Diamond Synchrotron Radiation School 2018: Registration now open

Sunday 16th to Friday 21st September 2018 Jesus College, Oxford University and Diamond Light Source, UK
£150 plus travel, but accommodation & meals are covered.
Applications for the course will close on 21st May 2018.

SpinW training course at ISIS (UK neutron & muon source, Oxfordshire): 30th Jan. to 3rd Feb. FREE! SpinW covers magnetic structures, spin waves, inelastic neutron data fitting, etc. Sign up before 23rd Dec.

Modules and Courses

The core taught component of the Materials Physics Doctorate is a combination of MPAGS modules and hands-on training courses. You should discuss your choice of these modules with your supervisors and the Director of Graduate Studies for Materials Physics. External training courses are often very valuable: attendance can supported both financially and as part of the formal teaching requirements of the Materials Physics Doctorate (check with your supervisors and the Director of Graduate Studies for Materials Physics).

MPAGS module NS-1 (Introduction to Surfaces and Thin Films) ran summer term 2016 (10 students) and will therefore not run 2017 unless demand is very high.

Hands-on training modules
  • Introduction to Microscopy (Warwick Microscopy Group)
  • Training in numerical techniques (Warwick Centre for Scientific Computing)
  • Core Algorithms for High Performance Scientific Computing (Warwick Centre for Scientific Computing)
Example external training courses

MPAGS training modules

These rotate from year to year and so it is important to check current and future availability so that you can plan your taught modules over years 1 and 2. Suggested MPAGS modules for Materials Physics students include:

Introduction to Surfaces and Thin Films (NS1) Gavin Bell (Warwick)
Electronic Structure (NS2) Wolfgang Theis (Birmingham)
Local Probes of Surfaces and Interfaces (NS3) Peter Beton (Nottingham)
Meta-materials and nano-photonics (NS4) Shuang Zhang (Birmingham)
Probes of Condensed Matter (EX0) - parts 1 to 4 Martin Long (Birmingham)
Crystallography (EX3) David Woodward (Warwick)
Magnetism in Condensed Matter Systems (EX4) Elizabeth Blackburn (Birmingham)
Epitaxial growth of the group-IV semiconductors (EX6) Maksym Myronov (Warwick)
Introduction to solid-state devices (EX8) Maksym Myronov (Warwick)
Mean-field theory in condensed matter physics (CM7) Martin Long (Birmingham)
Foundations of Magnetic Resonance (MR1) Josef Granwehr (Nottingham)
Magnetic Resonance Hardware (MR2) Paul Glover and Andy Howes (Warwick)
Advanced Topics in Magnetic Resonance (MR3) John Owers-Bradley (Nottingham)
Applications of Magnetic Resonance (MR5) Rob Morris (Nottingham Trent)
Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics (NM1)

Mike Allen (Warwick)

Quantum technologies (AT7)

Peter Kruger and Thomas Fernholz (Nottingham)