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Postgraduate Seminar Series

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Congratulations to our winner: Jozef Tkocz
And our two runners-up: Kat Blow and Ollie Dyer

Thanks to all who presented and voted!

Next Talks - 11th October

Tim Duckenfield


Tim Cunningham


These informal seminars provide a non-threatening atmosphere for postgraduates and postdocs to practice public speaking. They are also an opportunity to find out what is going on in other groups within the physics department.

Seminars usually feature two speakers, each talking for about twenty minutes to half an hour. Refreshments (in the form of pizza, biscuits, beer, and wine) are provided.

During term time, seminars take place fortnightly, on Thursday evenings in the Physics Common Room. They start at 5:30pm and finish when the wine runs out!

If you would like to give a talk please contact Chris Lakey (c dot lakey at warwick dot ac dot uk) or Ryan Cutter (r dot cutter at warwick dot ac dot uk).


Seminar Schedule 2017/2018
Term 1
Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
12th October Mark Hollands (Astro) Lauren Orr (CFSA)
26th October Will Blackmore (S&M) Andrew Chappell (EPP)
9th November Dan Mayoh (S&M) James Jackman (Astro)
23rd November Laura Guzmán (Complexity) David Wilson (Astro)
7th December Alex Hubert (Microscopy) Dominic Branford (Theory)
Term 2
Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
18th January Eduardo Mendive Tapia (Theory)
Henry Childs (Astro)
1st February George King (Astro) James Kirk (Astro)
15th February Connor Mosley (Photonics) Richard Henshaw (BFD)
1st March Maurizio Monti (Photonics) Chris Goddard (CFSA)
15th March Chris Lakey (Theory) Matthew Green (Astro)
Easter Break
29th March Alex Hubert (Microscopy)
Ryan Cutter (Astro)
12th April Ashley Chrimes (Astro)
Jamie Friel (Theory)

Term 3

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
26th April Jozef Tkocz (Ultrasound) Chloe Pugh (CFSA)
10th May Tim Duckenfield (CFSA)
Sam "Beltwinner" Ferracin (Theory)
24th May Sam Seddon (CMP)
Sammy Valder (EPP)
7th June 3 Minute Thesis Competition
21st June Elena Cukanovaite (Astro) Lewis Mosby (BFD)

Past Talks of 2017/2018

  • 12th October 2017:
    Mark Hollands - A Hypervelocity Chunk of Supernova Shrapnel

    Lauren Orr - Substorms using Network Theory

  • 26th October 2017:
    Will Blackmore - Halide Substitution in a Low-dimensional Molecular Magnet

    Andrew Chappell - CP, or not CP? Searching for CP-violation at T2K

  • 9th November 2017:

    Dan Mayoh - Unconventional superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric La7Ir3
    James Jackman - Stellar superflares in the Next Generation Transit Survey

  • 23rd November 2017:

    Laura Guzmán - Structure Extraction in Image Analysis: A Basic Approach
    David Wilson - Habitable Planets in Star Wars

  • 7th December 2017:

    Alex Hubert - Meditation: The key to life's game of snakes and ladders
    Dominic Branford - Extra-terrestrial tests of fundamental physics

  • 18th January 2017:

    Eduardo Mendive Tapia - Counting on Frustration
    Henry Childs - Exploring our cosmic origins

  • 1st February 2018:

    George King - The Significance of the TRAPPIST-1 System
    James Kirk - Characterising exoplanet atmospheres as part of the LRG-BEASTS survey

  • 15th February 2018:

    Richard Henshaw - Phototaxis and Popping Patches: Complex Marine Behaviour at the Micron Scale
    Connor Mosley - Terahertz electromagnons as a probe of hysteresis and spin disorder in multiferroics

  • 1st March 2018:

    Maurizio Monti - Ultrafast Pump Terahertz Probe Spectroscopy: Dealing with the Picosecond World
    Chris Goddard - Probing the Sun with Bayesian Coronal Seismology

  • 15th March 2018:

    Matthew Green - The Puzzling Periods of J1351
    Chris Lakey - From Rafts to Ziggurats: Modelling Phase-Separated Structures in Lamellar Bodies

  • 29th March 2018:
    Alex Hubert - Probing the shape of atoms with digital electron diffraction
    Ryan Cutter - Sport the Difference and its Uses in Astronomy
  • 12th April 2018:

    Ashley Chrimes - The Dark Side of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Jamie Friel - Hunting for Patterns in Quantum Mechanics and Chess

  • 26th April 2018:

    Jozef Tkocz - Ultrasonic Measurements for Continuous Casting
    Chloe Pugh - Quasi-periodic Pulsations in Solar Flares: Disentangling Signal from Noise

  • 10th May 2018:
    Sam Ferracin - Quantum Computing for Dummies
  • 24th May 2018:
    Sam Seddon - A Bulk Study of Surface Science at Warwick

    Sammy Valder - From Fish Tank To Super-Kamiokande: The Journey of a Calibration Diffuser

  • 7th June 2018: Three Minute Thesis Competition
    Winner - Jozef Tkocz
    Runners-up - Kat Blow and Ollie Dyer
  • 21st June:

    Elena Cukanovaite - 3D, or not 3D, that is the question: Modelling white dwarf atmospheres
    Lewis Mosby - Strolling Along Microtubules