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Postgraduate Seminars 2013-14

Past Talks 2013-2014

  • 12th June 2014
    Joel Barker - The Power of Spinning Muons in the War Against Superconductors

    Vineet Sivadasan - SiGe/Si(001) Virtual Substrates: the quest to produce low cost, high performance solar cells and electronics

  • 29th May 2014
    Steve Dennis - "Muon neutrino disappearance in the T2K Experiment"

    Penelope Longa-Pena - "The Dynamic Duo: The power of Calcium II and the Bowen blend."

  • 15th May 2014

    Veronika Siska - "Influenza strain dynamics: What happened around the swine flu pandemic?"
    Tom Louden - "Hot Jupiters in the Extreme UV Danger Zone"

  • 1st May 2014
    Mark Hollands - "Archaeology of planetary systems through digging in the stellar graveyard"
    Anja Humpert - "Modelling of topological defects entangled around nanoparticles of nematic liquid crystal colloids"

  • 3rd April 2014
    Matthew Bates - "Catalans: The Beautiful Numbers"
    Miri Zilka - "Modelling the Feeding Mechanism in Laval Fish"
  • 20th March 2014
    Charlotte Angus - "Hosts of the Most Luminous Supernovae"
    Jack Heal - "Protein design and synthetic biology"
  • 6th March 2014
    Daniel Pearce - "Swarms, Computers and Frustrated Anti-Ferromagnets"
    Andrew Furmanski - "Neutrino Cross-Sections at the T2K Experiment"
  • 13th February 2014

    David Kersh - "Magnetic Compton Scattering of Half Metallic Alloys Co2MnSi and Co2FeSi"
    Mo Saghir - "Synthesis and Characterisation of nanomaterials of the topological crystalline insulator SnTe"

  • 30th January 2014
    Andrew Goldsborough - "Leaf-to-Leaf Distances in Complete Tree Graphs"

    Richard Ashley - "High Speed Astronomical Photometry using the Ultracam camera"

  • 5th December 2013
    Alex Rautu - "Floppier than expected"
  • 21st November 2013
    Samuel Brown - "A Series of Increasingly Approximate Results: Machine-Learning Quantum Mechanics"

    Luke Selzer - "Zebra patterns and Sausage Modes"

  • 7th November 2013
    Erick Ratamero - "Doping silicon: a computational model of competitive cycling"

    Michael Smidman - "Neutron scattering on cerium based magnetic compounds"

  • 24th October 2013
    Matthew Bates - "Cool it: we need to talk about Electrocalorics"

    Daniel Pearce -"Swarm response to predator shocks"

  • 10th October 2013
    Andrew Goldsborough - "The Strong Disorder Renormalisation Group and Tensor Networks"

    Madelon Bours - "CSS 41177: A Rare Double White Dwarf Binary"