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Postgraduate Seminars 2012-13

Past Talks 2012-2013

  • 20th June 2013
    Philip Carter - "Below the period minimum: ultra-compact cataclysmic variables"

    Matthew Bates - "Chilling with Relaxors"

  • 6th June 2013
    Kirsty Dunnett - "Superfluidity far from equilibrium: the Polariton Optical Parametric Oscillator"

    Anton Tcholakov - "Magnetic resonance at high field: challenges and applications"

  • 9th May 2013
    Rebecca White - "Transverse loop oscillations in the Solar corona"

    Dave Patchett - "Semiconducting group IV - Tin alloys"

  • 25th April 2013
    Dave Armstrong - "Double sunsets:The search for planets orbiting pairs of stars"

    Gregory Brown - "Tidal Disruption Events or When stars end up in the wrong neighbourhood..."

  • 28th February 2013
    Mohammed Saghir - "Biological Molecules in Molecular Electronics - A Nice Example"

    Robert Hughes - "Finding NEMO using Approaching Resonance Signal Enhancement Crack Detection"

  • 14th February 2013
    Jack Heal - "Effects of binding on the rigidity and mobility of proteins"

    Andrew Goldsborough - "Tensor Networks and Geometry"

  • 31st January 2013
    Vineet Sivadasan - "SiGe/III-V lattice matching for solar cells"

    Daniel Pearce - "Safety in Numbers: How do birds of a feather flock together?"

  • 17th January 2013
    Michael Smidman - "Neutron scattering studies of magnetic materials"

    Tom Louden - "Not another Earth twin!: The search for Super Earths"

  • 28th November 2012
    James Richardson-Bullock - ”Cooltronics - Cryogen free cooling"

    Matthew Bates - “The Electrocaloric Effect: A Theoretical Study of Solid State Refrigeration”

  • 15th November 2012
    Joel Barker - "Muons as probes of Unconventional Superconductivity”

    Matt Williams - “First evidence for the Bs → μ+ μ- : Testing the Standard Model”

  • 1st November 2012

    Luke Selzer - "Temperature Anisotropy and Heating in the Presence of ULF Waves in the Foreshock"
    Robert Cook - "Magnetic properties of industrial catalysts or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Physics"

  • 18th October 2012
    Robert Hughes - "Finding NEMO using Eddy Currents - Part II"
    Andrew Goldsborough - "Tensor Networks and Many-Body Simulation"

  • 4th October 2012
    (Nixon) Tung Fai Yu - "Modelling human muscles for clinical rehabilitation and an overview of work in the medical physics group."
    Alex Marsden - "Frictional Force Microscopy of graphene"
    Kevin McAughey - "Ultrasonics: Measuring the Minuscule"