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Postgraduate Seminars 2014-15

Past Talks of 2014-2015

  • 5th of March 2015:
    Hugh Osborn: "Adventures in the WASP archive - new results from the Wide Angle Search for Planets"
    Matthew Bates: "Matt Bates and the Order of the Ferroelectrics"
  • 19th of February 2015:
    Rachael Procter "Magnetic switching structure in nanoscale FePd circular islands"

    Daniel Pearce - "Going around in circles: Measuring the temperature a bird flock"

  • 5th of February 2015
    Daniel O'Hanlon -"In The Loop: Heavy Flavour Physics at LHCb"

    Michael Pearce - "Algorithm Portfolios: Finding the best Algorithm for any Problem"

  • 22nd of January 2015:
    Alex Hubert -"Simulating Pretty Pictures: A Bloch Wave Solution"

    Tom Louden - "Weather On Another World"

  • 4th of December 2014:
    Matt Bates - "Electrocalorics, it's only a model"

    Alex Marsden - "Graphene and the Microscope"

  • 20th November2014:
    Michael Pearce -"Noise and Neural Networks"

    Ali Mostaed - "​Investigation of atomic structure of geometrically frustrated Yb2Ti2O7"

  • 6th November 2014:
    Nicola Gentile Fusillo -"Finding White Dwarfs in Large Area Surveys"

    Dave Patchett -"Semiconducting Germanium-Tin Alloys: Properties, Growth & Challenges"

  • 23rd October 2014:
    Mo Saghir -"Topological Insulators: From Bulk to Nanoform V2.0"

    Dan Pearce: "Let's get the flock out of here!"

  • 9th October 2014:
    Rachael Hill - "SmCo/CoAlZr exchange spring magnets"

    Gregory Brown - "The Untimely Deaths of Stars"