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Postgraduate Seminars 2015-16

Past Talks of 2015-2016

  • 22nd October 2015:
    Sinead Mottishaw - "Colour Centres in Diamond"
    Faizan Nazar - TBC
  • 5th November 2015:
    Eddy Larkin - "The T2K Experiment"
    Erick Martins Ratamero - "An evening with black magic: Barvinok's Algorithm and counting to very large number in a very short time"
  • 19th November 2015:
    Richard Henshaw - "Twist and Turn: Directed Motion with a Single Oar"

    Christopher Goddard - "Waves and Oscillations in the solar atmosphere"

  • 3rd December 2015:
    Hugh Osborn - "One Is Enough: Exoplanet Detection from a Single Transit"

    Sam Brown - "Crystals in Nanotubes: Mismatch, Texture and Charges (with Bonus Sermon on Computer Tools I wish I'd known about when I started my PhD)"

  • 21st January 2016:
    Michael Pearce - "Redesigning Drug Trials with 'Expected Improvement' Algorithms"

    Ollie Dyer - "Making Wave(let)s in Polymer Physics"

  • 4th February 2016:
    Chris Lakey - "Inclusions in lamellar bodies"

    Erick Martins Ratamero - "Optimizing your hero pick in Dota 2"

  • 25th February 2016:
    Mark Hollands - "Planetary debris around ancient white dwarfs"
    Eduardo Mendive Tapia - "Four-ion magnetic coupling in the heavy rare earth elements"
  • 10th March 2016:
    Liz Tindale - "Solar cycle variation of statistics in the solar wind"
    David Wilson - "The Warwick One-Metre Telescope - Or What I Did On My Holidays"
  • 7th April 2016:
    Angus Charlotte - "The extreme environments of extraordinary explosions"
    James Kirk - "Transmission Spectroscopy using ULTRACAM"
  • 5th May 2016:
    Tom Louden - "Exploring the atmosphere of WASP-52b: Does every cloud have a spectral line in?"
    Steph Greis - "Exploring some of the Earliest Galaxies Using Local Analogues"
  • 19th May 2016:
    Geanina Apachitei - "Ferroelectric and antiferroelectric tunnel junctions"
    Bernard Reman - "Modelling Ion Cyclotron Emission via hybrid simulation of the Magneto Acoustic Cyclotron Instability"
  • 2nd June 2016:
    Dominic Branford - "Gaussian systems for quantum enhanced multiple phase estimation"
    Nelson Yeung - "Half-metallicity of B2 CoFe_xMn_0.5xGa_ySi_0.5y"
  • 16th June 2016:
    Ray Zhou - "Novel method for strain measurement on Ge and 3C-SiC membranes"
    Pol Gurri - "Planetary debris orbiting a white dwarf"
  • 30th June 2016:
    Phil Blowey - "The adsorption structure of TCNQ on Ag(111)"