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Postgraduate Seminars 2016-17

Past Talks of 2016/2017

  • 27th October 2016:
    Jamie Friel - Hamiltonian Purification and the Quantum Zeno Effect
    Chris Lakey - Tiles, Dice, and HIV: The application of group theory to virology
  • 10th November 2016:
    Samuele Ferracin - Choosing the best quantum error correction code
    Chris Manser - Seeing the unseeable: Doppler tomography
  • 24th November 2016:
    Mark Hollands - Visualisation of Stellar Remains
    Erick Ratamero - Visualizing Chaotic Systems with Unity 3D
  • 8th December 2016:
    Hugh Osborn - Hunting for Alien Megastructures* with WASP *Probably not alien megastructures
    Dominic Branford - An Introduction to TikZ
  • 19th January 2017:
    James Kirk - Characterising Exoplanet Atmospheres
    Eduardo Mendive Tapia - Frustrated Magnetism and the Elastocaloric Effect
  • 2nd February 2017:

    Ollie Dyer - Changing the laws of nature: Why gods must exist
    Jack Binysh - Knotted Vortices in the FitzHugh-Nagumo Model

  • 16th February 2017:
    Tim Cunningham - Tartini Tones: What a difference some waves make
    Jozef Tkocz - Defect Detection during Continuous Casting

  • 2nd March 2017:
    Sami Al-Izzi - Geometry, Fluctuations and Cell Biology
    Sammy Valder - A Performance Study of TREx for Neutrino Detection

  • 16th March 2017:
    Ben Chapman - Frequency chirping due to fast ions in the KSTAR fusion device
    Connor Mosley - Rotatable polarisation terahertz spectroscopy of anisotropic materials

  • 30th March 2017:
    Daniel Mayoh - Ruining the Magic of Superconductors
    Will Blackmore - Characterisation of powdered low-dimensional spin-1 antiferromagnets with single-ion anisotropy

  • 13th April 2017:
    Luke Smith - Energy transport in photosynthetic light harvesting
    Matthew Green - Gaia14aae: The First Eclipsing AM CVn

  • 27th April 2017:
    George King - X-rays in the HD 189733 planetary system
    Samuel Irvine - Kinetic simulations of the Anomalous Doppler Instability

  • 11th May 2017:
    David Wilson - When the Hubble Space Telescope met a Mysterious Star

  • 25th May 2017:
    Natalie Teutsch - Characterising 2D Materials and Devices
    Stephanie Glover - Characterising Half-metallic Thin Films using Polarised Neutron Reflectometry

  • 8th June 2017:
    Emma Foxell - Saturated Stars in the NGTS Exoplanet Survey
    Erick Martins-Ratamero - Probing Protein Rigidity and Dynamics, The Easy and Fast Way!

  • 29th June 2017:
    George Marchant - Magnetostriction in Rare Earth-Transition Metal Magnets
    Ashley Chrimes - Dusty or Nearby? The Hosts of Unusual Gamma-Ray Bursts

  • 13th July 2017:
    Mark Skelton - Is there value in researching the interpretations of quantum mechanics?
    Bernard Reman