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Seminars 2017-18

Three Minute Thesis 2018

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Congratulations to our winner: Jozef Tkocz
And our two runners-up: Kat Blow and Ollie Dyer

Thanks to all who presented and voted!

Past Talks of 2017/2018

  • 12th October 2017:
    Mark Hollands - A Hypervelocity Chunk of Supernova Shrapnel

    Lauren Orr - Substorms using Network Theory

  • 26th October 2017:
    Will Blackmore - Halide Substitution in a Low-dimensional Molecular Magnet

    Andrew Chappell - CP, or not CP? Searching for CP-violation at T2K

  • 9th November 2017:

    Dan Mayoh - Unconventional superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric La7Ir3
    James Jackman - Stellar superflares in the Next Generation Transit Survey

  • 23rd November 2017:

    Laura Guzmán - Structure Extraction in Image Analysis: A Basic Approach
    David Wilson - Habitable Planets in Star Wars

  • 7th December 2017:

    Alex Hubert - Meditation: The key to life's game of snakes and ladders
    Dominic Branford - Extra-terrestrial tests of fundamental physics

  • 18th January 2017:

    Eduardo Mendive Tapia - Counting on Frustration
    Henry Childs - Exploring our cosmic origins

  • 1st February 2018:

    George King - The Significance of the TRAPPIST-1 System
    James Kirk - Characterising exoplanet atmospheres as part of the LRG-BEASTS survey

  • 15th February 2018:

    Richard Henshaw - Phototaxis and Popping Patches: Complex Marine Behaviour at the Micron Scale
    Connor Mosley - Terahertz electromagnons as a probe of hysteresis and spin disorder in multiferroics

  • 1st March 2018:

    Maurizio Monti - Ultrafast Pump Terahertz Probe Spectroscopy: Dealing with the Picosecond World
    Chris Goddard - Probing the Sun with Bayesian Coronal Seismology

  • 15th March 2018:

    Matthew Green - The Puzzling Periods of J1351
    Chris Lakey - From Rafts to Ziggurats: Modelling Phase-Separated Structures in Lamellar Bodies

  • 29th March 2018:
    Alex Hubert - Probing the shape of atoms with digital electron diffraction
    Ryan Cutter - Sport the Difference and its Uses in Astronomy
  • 12th April 2018:

    Ashley Chrimes - The Dark Side of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    Jamie Friel - Hunting for Patterns in Quantum Mechanics and Chess

  • 26th April 2018:

    Jozef Tkocz - Ultrasonic Measurements for Continuous Casting
    Chloe Pugh - Quasi-periodic Pulsations in Solar Flares: Disentangling Signal from Noise

  • 10th May 2018:
    Sam Ferracin - Quantum Computing for Dummies
  • 24th May 2018:
    Sam Seddon - A Bulk Study of Surface Science at Warwick

    Sammy Valder - From Fish Tank To Super-Kamiokande: The Journey of a Calibration Diffuser

  • 7th June 2018: Three Minute Thesis Competition
    Winner - Jozef Tkocz
    Runners-up - Kat Blow and Ollie Dyer
  • 21st June:

    Elena Cukanovaite - 3D, or not 3D, that is the question: Modelling white dwarf atmospheres
    Lewis Mosby - Strolling Along Microtubules