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Edoardo Carnio

Hello and Welcome!

I am Edoardo and I am a Year 4 PhD student in Physics! I belong to the Theory Group and my supervisor is Prof. Rudolf Roemer, the head of the Disordered Quantum Systems subgroup.

I am mostly interested in any exotic and counterintuitive quantum mechanical phenomenon, which is indeed a quite large field! More specifically, in my project I focus on disodered quantum systems, namely systems so small that their behaviour is predicted by quantum mechanics, as opposed to classical Newtonian mechanics; moreover, these systems also have some degree of disorder, which means that they display a deviation from the regular repetition of a pattern, for instance the position of atoms in a periodic lattice.

My PhD project

In the first part of my PhD project I study how disorder influences the conduction properties of a semiconductor, silicon doped with sulfur. In this case we have substitutional disorder, since we substitute a silicon atom in a randomly chosen position with a sulfur atom. These "substitutional defects" have two additional electrons that they donate to the host material. When the density of these defects becomes higher than a critical value, the material changes its nature from insulator to conductor: this is a so-called "metal-insulator transition" induced by disorder, which makes it an "Anderson transition".

I simulate a small prototype (some thousands of atoms) of this system with ONETEP and the help of Dr. Nick Hine, one of its developers. The results obtained from this software reveal some core properties of the material, which we then use to analyse with various dopant concentrations, with the aim to simulate and characterise the Anderson transition.

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Edoardo Carnio

E dot Carnio at warwick dot ac dot uk