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Project Outline, Progress Reports and Thesis Plan Submissions

Check list for Project Outlines

Please ensure that you include the following elements in your Project Outline

  • Thesis Title
  • Project outline (~200 words)
  • 5 key texts
  • Taught courses, either MPAGS or equivalents
  • Initial tasks for (a) Oct-Dec and (b) Jan-March.
  • 6 month milestones: 2 or 3 targets that should be met

    Project Outline / 1st Year Progress Report / 2nd Year Progress Report / 3rd Year Progress Report / 4th Year Progress Report / Thesis Plan. If you are uploading something that does not fall into these catagories, please label it in a similar fashion. Your name / Student number etc is not required in the file name.

    If you are unsure about the feedback form, please use this link to obtain guidance on what is required:
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    Work that you submit should be neatly presented and formatted.

    Please only submit files as Word documents or PDF.
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    The information on this form is purely for the submission of your reports and will not be shared outside the department.
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