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Thesis Submission Schedule for the Physics Department

Important Information for Departmental Records

It is very useful to the Department if you could make sure the following pieces of information are provided to either

Rosalind Johntone or Professor Matthew Turner.

  • The date and time of your PhD viva and where it is being held.
  • The outcome of your viva (e.g. pass with no corrections / pass with minor corrections / etc).
  • Contact details, including alternative email addresses, so we can keep in touch with you (please complete form found here)


Nomination of Examiners form

Prior to the submission of your thesis, please complete the Nomination of Examiners Form ( Form 2.) at least one month before you intend to submit. Your supervisor will help you complete part 2 of the form.

Please email your completed form to or alternitively hand to Rosalind in P565

It will then be signed by either the Head of Department or the Director of Graduate Studies and then submitted to the Graduate School.



For information and guidance on submitting your thesis please use this link: Submitting Your Thesis

The Graduate School will inform us when you have submitted, so please dont worry about advising the department yourself.

From the time of submission the Student Records office provide an automatic 4-month extension to your University Card, so access to the Department, Library etc is still possible.

PhD Viva

Once your thesis has been submitted to the Academic Office your nominated internal examiner will set a date for your viva. How long this is after the time you submitted depends entirely on the availability of both the internal and external examiners, but the process must be completed within four months.

For further information on the submission and viva processes, including how to prepare and courses provided at Warwick please use the links provided.

Final Submission of Corrected Thesis

After any “minor corrections” on your thesis have been completed these must then be approved by your internal examiner. Once approved you are then able to submit the final version of your thesis together with an electronic copy on CD-ROM to the Graduate school via the main helpdesk in the Library.


The final electronic copy of your thesis will be used for storage in the University’s institutional repository. Theses stored in this way will be accessible through the British Library (BL) EThOS service. Details on this service can be found on the following link:

If your examiners recommended a “resubmission” or worse then please contact the Director of Graduate Studies for further information.


Depending on when you submit your final corrected thesis and the date at which this is approved by the University Senate committee, you will then be able to graduate either in the summer (July) or winter (January) University graduation ceremonies.

The University will contact you directly with details about registering for the appropriate graduation ceremony.

If you have any queries regarding the submission deadline to attend either of these ceremonies please contact either the Postgraduate Coordinator or the Graduate School.

Up to date information on dates of Degree Ceremonies can be found here.

There is also some really good guidance on the Graduate School website which can be found here.

Alumni Information

Information on alumni activities and services can be found via the Department's Alumni and Careers website