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Exit Awards

Boards of Examiners may recommend two new awards from the Summer of 2018:

Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) and Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE)

‘Exit’ awards have been developed in order to recognise the achievement of undergraduate students where it was not possible to award the highest qualification for which they were registered, this includes students as follows:

  • who have not met progression requirements
  • who withdraw due to personal or medical reasons
  • who are restarting on another degree programme

There is an expectation that Boards of Examiners will make a recommendation to allow a student to remedy failure (e.g. resit, resit without residence as appropriate), wherever possible, to allow students an opportunity to progress, and only recommend an exit qualification where these possibilities have been exhausted (or are not available).

The following table outlines the total minimum credit to be taken and passed in order to be able to recommend each qualification:

In order to apply the level of external oversight required for the award of a qualification, an institutional level Board of Examiners (IBE), including a non-subject specific external examiner is held. The last meeting of the IBE was on 11 October 2018, at which 113 Certificates and 21 Diplomas were awarded. The majority of awards were issued to students who had successfully proceeded to their second year of study, but had experienced difficulties thereafter.

Answers to frequently asked questions are being developed, but in the meantime please refer any questions not currently covered to exitawards at warwick dot ac dot uk.