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Organisation and Other Information

Your Course Organisers

Nicholas d'Ambrumenil (room PS136) has general oversight of the courses taught by the Physics Department. Michael Pounds (room PS102) is the Director of Student Experience and can help with.


After two years at Warwick you will be familiar with our teaching methods and the use of questionnaires to obtain feedback on the individual modules. You are reminded that if you feel that you can bring any issues to you Staff Student Liaison Committee representatives.

Your Personal Tutor

Normally you will retain the same personal tutor you had in the previous two years. Whilst your personal tutor will not organise group Academic Tutorials this year it is important that you remain in regular contact with your tutor. You should see him/her at least at the beginning and end of each term to discuss your progress and option choices.

Examples Sheets

For all modules taught by the Physics department example sheets are distributed by the Lecturer. The purpose of these examples is to help you

  1. Develop your problem-solving skills in areas related to the lecture modules
  2. Understand the material in the module
  3. Prepare for the end-of-year examinations

Copies of the solutions will be distributed to pigeon holes by the Undergraduate Office (room 568) about a week after the module has finished. If you have difficulties with these problems you should consult the relevant lecturer. Booklets containing the last three years' physics examination papers are available at cost price from the Undergraduate Office.


In your first year you were informed that the Department has a policy towards the late submission of assessed work and of the University's regulations on cheating. These, of course apply equally this year. The marks you obtain this year count towards your final degree classification (BSc 60%, MMathPhys 30%).

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