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PX132 Mechanics A

Lecturer: Rudolf Römer

Weighting: 6 CATS


This module will revise the classical mechanics that should have been met in A Level courses. Extension is made to writing vector equations to describe motion in three dimensions. The module is designed to ensure that you are competent in classical mechanics for future physics modules.

At the end of the module, you should be able to

  • Outline the place of Newtonian mechanics in the development of science and to explain the experimental basis for Newton's three Laws of Motion
  • Solve F = dp/dt for a variety of simple cases and be familiar with the concepts of potential and kinetic energy, and of the conservation of linear momentum and of energy.
  • Solve motions under the influence of a central force using conservation of angular momentum and of energy.

Forces, interactions and Newton's Laws of Motion

Applying Newton's Laws - equilibrium, dynamics of particles, friction and dynamics of circular motion

Work and kinetic energy.

Potential energy and energy conservation.

Conservation of momentum, elastic collisions, centre of mass

Rotation of rigid bodies - angular velocity and acceleration

Dynamics of rotational motion, conservation of angular momentum

Equilibrium and centre of gravity

Assessment: 1 hour examination

Recommended Texts: H D Young and R A Freedman, University Physics , Pearson.

Leads from: A level Physics and Mathematics, PX145 Physics Foundations

Leads to: PX267 Hamiltonian Mechanics, PX264 Physics of Fluids