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PX319 Physics Project

Organiser: Robin Ball
Weighting: 37.5 CATS

To provide an experience of working on an extended 'research-like' project in collaboration with a supervisor and partner.

At the end of the project you should

  • have studied an area of physics in detail
  • have further developed your communication skills
  • have defended your work in an oral examination
  • have had experience of physics research


You will work, normally in pairs, on an extended project which may be experimental, computational or theoretical (or indeed a combination of these). Through discussions with your supervisor and partner you will establish a plan of work which you will frequently review as you progress. In general, the project will not be closely prescribed and will contain an investigative element. Over the Christmas vacation you will independently write an interim report which will be marked by your supervisor, who will return it to you with feedback. After a further term's work you will again independently write a final report, which will be assessed by your supervisor, and another member of academic staff, who will also examine you orally.

Commitment: Approximate: 2 days per week for 20 weeks (terms 1 and 2), preparation of interim report (term 1 + vacation). Approximately 2 days per week for 20 weeks.

Assessment: 100% assessed: an interim report, a final report, and a viva; work done is assessed primarily by the project supervisor. You should discuss the written reports with your supervisor prior to starting work on them. Full details of the assessment/feedback will be published on the module website.

This module has its own website.