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PX442 Laboratory for Maths/Phys students

Organiser: Andy Howes
Weighting: 15 CATS

This module is available only to MMathPhys students.

To introduce collaborative experimental and computational work and some advanced research techniques. It should give students the opportunity to plan and direct an experiment and to work within a team. It should acquaint students with issues associated with experimental work, including data acquisition and the analysis of errors and the health and safety regulatory environment within which all experimental work must be undertaken. It should provide experience of report writing and making an oral presentation to a group.

At the end of the module you should be able to:

  • carry out, and report on, an experimental study in a collaborative manner
  • produce a report in the style of a research paper, with several co-authors
  • give an oral presentation of your work to other students
  • use models and simulations to represent complex physical systems
  • determine, understand and analyse the uncertainties (random and systematic) of observation in any measurement
  • discuss the issues, including health and safety, associated with planning, executing and analysing an experiment or observational measurement


You will be introduced to laboratory work, the analysis of data and the legislative environment within which experimental work is undertaken. Working in groups you will then undertake a programme of two projects (one experimental and one computational). You will attend the laboratory for 36 hours, and will write an extended report on each experiment in collaboration with your colleagues and will give a group presentation on one ofthe experiments.

Assessment: 100% assessed.

17% for the data analysis work book, 17% for the oral presentation and 66% for two formal reports.

This module has a home page.

Leads to: PX402 Physics Project