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Work Space Assessment

It is important that your workspace creates a safe working environment for you to work in. In order to manage this, a self-assessment of the workspace must be completed by each individual - even when an individual is in a shared office space. The assessment pertains to your individual work area.

An assessment needs to be completed by all staff, visitors, PhD students and project students. The form should be used to highlight any issues within your workspace that may need addressing and should be retained for future reference. If you have highlighted any ratings with a D,E or F, please contact Katherine Branch or Robb Johnston.

It is important that anyone working at a computer completes each part of the workstation assessment. This is an integral part of the workspace assessment and address the UK Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations.

Once the workstation assessment and workspace assessment have been completed, you must fill in the self declaration form so that the H&S committee is informed and retains an up-to-date record.

Please note that a self-assessment of your workspace should be repeated as and when there is any significant change to your work place set up.