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COVID-19 Return to Campus

Physics is following all university guidance to ensure our activities can restart and continue to operate safely.

Staff and PhD students are reminded that they must not come to campus if they are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19.

Our core principles are:
  1. All teaching and research activity can be carried out on site, including professional services support of activities.
  2. Our risk assessments have been largely superseded by overarching university risk assessments with local rules in some spaces. Research labs have specific Covid risk assessments which have been developed with staff and PhD students working in that area.
  3. Anyone coming onto campus is asked to take two lateral flow tests a week.
  4. All staff and PhD students must complete the checklist below before returning to ensure a shared awareness of health and safety procedures that are now in place. Completion is monitored to ensure 100% completion rate.
  5. Activities have been planned based on 1.5 m social distancing, minimal occupancy of space, limited time and limited movement between spaces and around the buildings.
  6. Face coverings will be worn in line with University policy.

    Whilst we strive for a safe working environment which for the majority of us requires the use of face coverings, please be reminded that not everyone can wear one due to personal reasons. Please be aware of this if you ask someone why they are not following the published guidance.
  7. Staff and PhD students will access labs and equipment as outlined in group risk assessments. Sharing of equipment, tools or keyboards will be avoided and any equipment will be wiped down after use with the sanitising spray and wipes provided from Stores.
  8. All office spaces are available to use at 1.5m social distancing.  Hot desking and sharing of PCs, keyboards and other equipment continues to be discouraged. Users will wipe down touch points e.g. door handles, printers, window handles and domestic items e.g. kettles when they leave a shared space. All users will ensure their desk space is clear at the end of the day to ensure they are able to clean the desk surface before leaving.
  9. Staff and PhD students must wash/ sanitise hands before and after entering a space using the products provided.
  10. All staff and PhD students must follow instructions on signs as they move around the buildings. Communal/kitchen areas are open. All users must sanitise their hands before and after entering communal/ kitchen spaces.
  11. Concerns should be raised with your line manager or supervisor in the first instance.
  12. Feedback or concerns can also be raised (anonymously) by staff and students with all submissions reviewed by the Senior Administrative Officer and action taken as appropriate.
  13. Staff will monitor areas and ensure everyone is adhering to University guidelines. Non adherence and near misses are reported and will be reviewed by the subset of H&S committee.

The return has been managed by a sub-set of our H&S committee: Tom Hase, Chair of H&S Committee; Katherine Branch, Senior Administrative Officer; Robb Johnston, Technical Services Manager and John Horsler, Health and Safety Officer. This group meets regularly to continually progress, review and update procedures.

** COVID-19 Return to Campus checklist- for completion before return **

This induction will guide you through a number of resources and mandatory training requirements which need to be completed before you will be able to return to site.

Please direct any queries about completion of this form to 

I have watched the Working Safely During COVID-19 moodle video (2 minutes)- see right panel (required)
I have read the relevant space and building risk assessments and agree to follow all procedures set out in them. (required)
I have been provided with and read the relevant risk assessments for my research area and I agree to follow all procedures set out in them (tick N/A if no research responsibilities) (required)
For teaching staff only: I have read the relevant risk assessments for teaching and agree to follow all procedures set out in them (tick N/A if no teaching responsibilities) (required)
Privacy notice

This form is for the Department of Physics return to campus. The data will be retained for 3 months once submitted as a record that you have completed the return to work checklist. Senior management will have access to who has completed this form to enable staff to be allowed back onto campus.

The University of Warwick is the Data Controller of any information you have entered on this form and is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with Data Protection Legislation. The University’s Data Protection webpages provide further information on your rights and how the University processes personal data. Please submit any data subject rights requests to or address any complaints or suspected breaches to the University’s Data Protection Officer at

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Follow here for all activity and building risk assessments
More detail is available
1. Space and Buildings
2. Teaching 21/22 (link to Staff Handbook)
3. Research
4. Support
Reporting self isolation:

For UG students- report here

For PG students- email your supervisor and

For all staff- report via sickness Successfactors