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Risk assessments

These risk assessments have been largely superseded by the overarching university wide risk assessments but are retained here due to local rules applying in some areas.

A complete list of all Physics risk assessments approved by the Campus Reopening Working Group 2020/21:

Space and buildings

Physics/Physical Sciences Building Occupancy Plan (BOP) (covers Physics, Physical Sciences and the Physics concourse)

MAS Building Occupancy Plan (BOP) (covers Physics and Chemistry use of the MAS building)

Physical Sciences building (superseded by Physics BOP)

Physics building (superseded by Physics BOP)

Communal Eating Spaces

Electronics Workshop

Mechanical Workshop

General office working

Multi-occupancy offices 

Stores Area (P.140)

P1 P2 P4

Finance Office

Teaching and student support

Overarching Teaching Activities

Small group meetings of students and staff

Flat floor teaching

Teaching Labs

Student and Departmental Receptions

UG Student Workrooms


Functional Electronic Materials P168, P420, P421, P456, P458, P460, P461

EPP P4.33, P4.36 ,P173 , P449A and Lone working in P449A

Nanosilicon Clean suite and Agile Microfabrication facilities P541

Microscopy MAS 1.25 and Microscopy MAS 1.06 and 1.14- 1.24

Electron Microscopy RTP

Ultrafast and THz Photonics MAS 3.18 and P1.53

Superconductivity and Magnetism P122, P124 , P125 , P126 , P127, P128 , P129, P130, P155, P164

Diamond polishing and Laser machining P139 and P166

Ultrasound P172 and P222 and P165, P167, P170, P224, P226, P226A, P229, P246,P248, P249

THz P423

Soft bio MAS 1.19 and 1.26

NMR G71, G72, G73, G75

Diamond Research G74 and G69

Scientific Computing Centre RTP

Spectroscopy RTP

Surface Physics P424, P423, P422, P427, P426 

Engineering clean suite P530, P541

WCUS MAS 2.11, MAS 3.05

XPS P150 and P152 and P454

XRay RTP (suite of rooms on MAS 3)

1mPlus Justifications approved

Undergraduate teaching laboratories

Final year UG project work in research laboratories

Training on equipment and procedures in research laboratories

Problem solving workshops