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1. Space and buildings

All staff and students must complete the checklist and moodle training before returning to campus.

  • Physics, Physical Sciences, Milburn and MAS buildings are open and card access is restored.
  • Face coverings will be worn in line with University policy, unless you hold an exemption.
  • All spaces are covered by a new and specific Covid risk assessment, based on social distancing, minimal occupancy of space and limited movement (see risk assessments for complete list).
  • All users must wash/ sanitise their hands on entry to a space.
  • Signs will guide you around the buildings and indicate maximum occupancy levels for spaces.
  • All office and meeting spaces within the department have a maximum defined occupancy level (see here for full list). Furniture and screens must not be moved within or between spaces.
  • Hot desking and sharing of computers, keyboards and other equipment is not permitted.
  • In some shared spaces, desks are labelled which cannot be occupied at the same time.
  • All desks must be left clear and wiped down at the end of the working day with the products available. In shared spaces, common touch points must also be wiped down.
  • Meetings can take place in person within defined occupancy level of the space with face coverings being worn.
  • Common rooms and kitchens are open for use.
  • Toilets can be used, respecting maximum occupancy figures. Showers can be used.
  • The cleaning regime across the department has been enhanced, with additional cleaning of common touchpoints throughout the working day.
  • Note that access to the science concourse (between the Library and MAS entrance) is being restricted to support social distancing in the area. Aim to enter and leave Physics or Physical Sciences via the ground floor building exits during lecture handover periods (5 to and 5 past the hour), rather than across the science concourse. Access between Physics and Physical Sciences via the bridge is permitted 08.00- 21.00 on week days only.