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Access Grid

*All MPAGS modules running in 20/21 will take place online*


Warwick: PS018, on the ground floor of Physical Sciences



Nottingham: Room A06 (mpags room), ground floor of Nottingham physics building


Brief guidelines

The software used for sharing lectures is Visimeet (latest manual).

We use a single meeting ID for all MPAGS lectures (at Warwick, the ID number is signposted on the wall).

To view or send lectures, join the MPAGS meeting through menu: Meetings > Join meeting by ID. See manual p. 63.

To share the desktop use menu: Sharing > share desktop.

There are lots of options for layout but it seems that presenters using full screen mode will by default appear to remote viewers as a sensibly-sized window for presentation plus smaller video feeds.

Cameras which should be transmitting should have "Send automatically on join" ticked.

Local notes


The PC in the room should normally already already be on. In order to turn on the projector, press the small red button on the patch panel on the wall. There should be a wireless keyboard and mouse for use with the computer. Please return the mouse to its docking station at the end of the MPAGS lectures.


  1. There may be a pop-up window requesting a password reset of the Visimeet application. This pop-up window can just be closed.
  2. The camera position is currently not showing all of the seats in the room, we to replace the camera remote controls to be able to adjust the position.