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Events in Physics

December 2017

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3pm RAEng - Industry-academia partnerships various countries
4pm STFC -PPRP (SOI for next panel 18 - 19 December)
2:30pm - 3:30pm Physics Colloquium: "Statistical mechanics of complex economies" L5
5pm - 6pm Research open evening PLT & Science Concourse
1pm - 2pm Theory Seminar: Stephen Powell (Nottingham), Non-equilibrium classical dynamics and quantum phases of dimer models, 1300 in PS1.28 PS1.28
4pm EPSRC Programme Grants
4pm Alan Turing Institute - Doctoral Studentships
4pm EPSRC - Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research
5pm IAS WIRL-COFUND 2018 (Early career research fellowships)
4pm JSPS London Call for the Short Term Pre/Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers FY2018 (first call)
12am Monash Warwick Alliance Research Catalyst Fund
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3pm - 4pm Patrick Antolin (St Andrews): Reconnection microjets in the solar corona PS128
4pm STEM for Britain - poster competition
4pm STFC - Newton Research Call - Malaysia
4:30pm - 5:30pm Physics Colloquium: System Approach to Solar -Terrestrial Physics: Advance in Physical Understanding and Space Weather Forecast PLT
1pm - 2pm Theory Seminar: Paul Goddard (Warwick), Determining the Fermi surface of high-temperature superconductors and other low-dimensional materials, 1300 in PS1.28 PS1.28
2pm - 3pm Kirill Kuzanyan (Russian Academy of Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences): Helicity and Twist of Solar Magnetic Fields: an Intrinsic Property of the Dynamo Mechanism. MAS2.05
4pm Physics Postdoctoral Prize
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12:30pm BEIS - Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowships
3pm Royal Society APEX awards (Academies Partnership in Supporting Excellence in Cross-disciplinary research award)
3pm IOP - Plasma physics group Culham thesis prize
7pm - 10pm Departmental Christmas Dinner Private Dining Room, Radcliffe
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
4pm EPSRC - Future photonics partnership fund
4pm European Synchotron Radiation Facility (ERSF) Beam time – standard projects and block allocation group
3pm Royal Society Research Grants
3pm British Council - Joint academic development centre grants – UK and Gulf
12pm MOD - Accelerator open call for innovation
4pm Oxford Instruments - Nicholas Kurti Science Prize
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