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Monday, November 27, 2017

RAEng - Industry-academia partnerships various countries

Partnerships between the UK and India, Indonesia, Colombia, Thailand, South Africa.

The programme supports case studies which generate significant long term benefits and produces models replicable by others and also generate lessons which can help inform bilateral and national-level higher education, research and innovation policy. Projects should fit with one or more of the following outcome areas:

•enhanced industry input into engineering curricula and teaching in (partner) universities to improve the quality and uptake of practical engineering skills and help develop a talent pipeline for emerging and currently skill-scarce industries;

•develop new partnerships and strengthen bilateral collaboration in engineering research and knowledge-sharing between industry and academia counterparts to develop new capabilities within Indonesian universities;

•formation of deep, strategic bilateral partnerships between industry and academia around application-inspired engineering research and innovation which aims to solve economic and social development challenges faced by Indonesia or globally;

•improved industry-academia interface to help systemically foster deeper engagement amongst actors in the innovation eco-systems of both countries and create different models of industry-academic engagement for wider sharing and adoption.

Projects must meet meet Official Development Assistance requirement by focusing on an engineering higher education, research or innovation challenge that will enhance social welfare and economic development in Indonesia and demonstrating a tangible benefit to Indonesia by enhancing its capacity to carry out excellent teaching, research and innovation in engineering.

STFC -PPRP (SOI for next panel 18 - 19 December)

n order for a new, major project to be considered for funding by STFC, a Statement of Interest (SoI) describing the proposed project and detailing the full economic cost of the proposed programme, must be submitted for evaluation. Guidelines and the Statement of Interest proforma can be found below.

The consideration of a Statement of Interest (SoI) is the first step in the STFC review of any major, new proposal. An SoI may be submitted to signify the intention to submit a full proposal.

SoIs may include:

  • Participation in new experiments or missions
  • The further development of existing high priority experiments or missions
  • The development of new instruments
  • New detectors or accelerator technologies
  • Upgrades to existing detectors
  • The purchase of new, or upgrades to, existing major high performance computing facilities
  • New initiatives in the field of e-science, modelling and data management

SoIs are considered by the Science Board and can be submitted at any time. Where appropriate, the Accelerator Strategy Board will also consider the SoI.

If Science Board recommends that a full proposal should be invited following the consideration of the SoI, this will be reviewed by the STFC's Projects Peer Review Panel (PPRP).

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