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Impact Case Study Day 16th of July 2018

Programme for the Day

PLT, 16th July

(Please register for this event below if you wish to attend.)

1.15pm - Lunch (Physics Concourse)

2.00pm - Introduction: David Leadley : Role of Impact in the Department / Resources available for Impact.

2.15 pm - Speakers (impact stories -10 minutes each plus a few minutes for questions)

· Maksym Myronov

· Gavin Bell / Yorck Ramachers

· Vasily Kantsler

· Mark Newton

· Steven Brown

· Steve Dixon

· Don Pollacco

· Neil Wilson

4.15pm India Foster / Sarah Hall / Maxine Haddleton / Kevin Marks :

Introduction to the team helping to support impact case study development & Questions.

Meeting will end ~ 4.30pm

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