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Funded projects

This is a full list of the funded research projects available. Note that in the Experimental Particle Physics and Astronomy areas, the projects listed are examples, and the exact project choice can be discussed after you apply. In all other project areas, specific projects have priority for funded scholarships. Across all areas, studentships are normally only available for UK and in some cases EU students. Self-funded students and students with external scholarships are also welcome to apply: our funding page has full details on funding options.
Condensed Matter Physics
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Medical and Biophysics
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Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics
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Micro-rheology of active matter

Supervisors: Vasily Kantsler and Robin Balllogo3.gif

Group: Soft Matter and Biological Fluid Dynamics
Project details: here
Funding: Fully funded PhD studentship (42 months).
Start date: Jan 2020 - Oct 2020. Application deadline: ongoing

Fri 01 Nov 2019, 08:13 | Tags: Theoretical and computational (funded)

Centre for Doctoral Training in Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems

logo3.gifHetSys is an EPSRC-supported Centre for Doctoral Training. It recruits enthusiastic students from across the physical sciences who enjoy using their mathematical skills and thinking flexibly to solve complex problems. By developing these skills HetSys trains people to challenge current state-of-the-art in computational modelling of heterogeneous, ‘real world’ systems across a range of research themes such as nanoscale devices, new catalysts, superalloys, smart fluids, laser-plasma interactions etc.

For more details please see the HetSys website. There is an open day on 4th March if you'd like to find out more.

Current projects with particular relevance to applicants interested in theoretical physics in combination with computational modelling:

Twistronics devices

Evolving systems such as interacting fluid-structure flows

Modelling magnetic refrigeration materials

Modelling the extraordinary strength of superalloys

Irradiation effects and fracture in steels used in nuclear power plants