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Research topics and projects

This is a full list of the PhD research projects that supervisors have identified for potential students. Information on MSc by research projects can be found here. Self-funded students and students with external scholarships are welcome to apply for any research project: our funding page has full details on funding options for UK and international students. There are a limited number of PhD scholarships for outstanding UK students to work on any project identified on the full project list. International students can apply for support via the Chancellor's International Scholarships and other schemes.

Condensed Matter Physics
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Theoretical and Computational Physics
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Medical and Biophysics
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Astronomy and Astrophysics 
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Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics
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Elementary Particle Physics
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Robotic THz imaging probe for Medical Diagnosis

Supervisor: Emma MacPhersonlogo2.giflogo1.gif

Group: Ultrafast and THz Photonics
Project details: here
Start date: October 2021.

Funding: Fully funded PhD studentship (42 months).

Application deadline: ongoing

Strain and field dependence of the Fermi surface and spin densities: high energy x-ray scattering experiments and electronic structure calculations

Supervisor: Jon Duffy

Project details: here

Funding: Independent/other funding sources

Start date: October 2021. Application deadline: ongoing

Mon 15 Jun 2020, 10:14 | Tags: Condensed matter, PhD, Medical and biophysics