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Scholarship Applications

If you choose to apply for a Chancellor's International Scholarship you will need to fill out 3 extra plain text boxes on the application form. We recommend that you contact the Physics PG admissions tutor for further advice BEFORE applying for Chancellor's International Scholarship. You should also read the advice here.

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You must define a single project and supervisor before filling these boxes, so you will need to consult us. Please note that this does not prevent you from being considered for other PhD projects should your CS/CIS application be unsuccessful.

There is a character limit, but brevity is welcome - don't feel your research proposal should be 3999 characters!


1. "Details of scholarships / prizes applicant has been awarded in the past:"

List here relevant scholarships, bursaries and prizes - we are generally interested in university-level awards and prizes for high academic achievement.


2. "Applicants Research Proposal and ability to complete it details:"

In order to write a competitive research proposal you will need to consult your potential supervisor. The research proposal should start with an exciting, brief overview of the topic of your proposed PhD which is accessible to a non-physics member of the science faculty. You can include more technical information later and include some references. Your potential supervisor will be able to advise on how to "sell" the project in terms of the university's and department's research priorities, but keep this part brief. You should also state explicitly why you will be well suited to complete the project - don't be afraid to list your strengths, relevant research experience, skills, etc.


3. "Applicants Publications details:"

For applicants (generally non-UK) with a research Master's degree we would hope to see some publication track record in the primary literature (peer-reviewed journals). However, you can include all relevant "research outputs". For instance, if you have done a summer research placement which has been presented within the host department and whose results have contributed to the host group's research programme, you could mention this as a research output.