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Getting started with your application

If you would like to pursue a PhD or MSc by research in Physics, but are unsure where to begin, please use this step by step getting started guide.


check your eligibility and decide on whether to do an MSc by research or a PhD


choose a research area


consider your funding options


contact the PG admissions tutor to discuss your application


complete the online application form

After you have applied we check your application for eligibility, check your references and supporting documents. At this stage we may get back to you with queries. We then contact staff who may be interest in your application. If a potential supervisor is interested in you we will contact you to arrange an interview. A significant fraction of applicants are rejected before interview, either because they are not eligible, because there is no chance of funding, or because there are no available supervisors in their area of interest.

After the interview, if all goes well, an offer of a place will be made. This will be conditional (i.e. you will still need to make the entry requirements) and initially will be without funding. We will endeavour to make sure that you are informed precisely where you stand as regards to funding. As soon as funding is sorted out we will contact you.

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“I chose Warwick for its great reputation for research”
Postgraduate Applicant, 2014
"I chose Warwick based on its reputation and quality of research. I thought the postgraduate course here would give me a chance to learn a wide range of skills necessary for a career in research"
Current Postgraduate, 2013