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First Year Modules

The programme consists of a core with further modules taken from an options list. Further options may be taken up to a maximum of 150 CATS credits.

Core Modules Weeks CATS Credit
PX101 Quantum Phenomena 30-33 6
PX120 Electricity & Magnetism 15-24 12
PX140 Electronics Workshop 30-33 6
PX144 Introduction to Astronomy 15-19 6
PX145 Physics Foundations 1-10 12
PX146 Key Skills for Physics 2-25 12
PX148 Classical Mechanics & Relativity 1-10 12
PX149 Mathematics for Physicists 1-10, 15-24 24
PX150 Physics Programming Workshop 15-19 6
PX151 Astrophysics Laboratory I 2-10, 15-20 24
    Total 120

If you wish to take an unusual option you should consult our document on unusual options prior to taking any such modules.