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MPAGS - Astronomy

MPAGS is the Midlands Physics Alliance Graduate School, a joint school which for astronomy purposes comprises Birmingham, Keele, Leicester, Nottingham and Warwick. Below are materials connected to the Warwick MPAGS module "Astrophysical techniques", which is running for 5 weeks starting Wednesday, Oct 23 2019, with 2 hourly sessions (see below) and associated assignments. (Sessions will run in PS0.18.)


Week Date Time Session leader Topic
4 Wed, Oct 23 12.00-14.00 Tom Marsh Observational Astronomy
5 Wed, Oct 30 12.00-14.00 Peter Wheatley X-ray Astronomy
6 Wed, Nov 6 12.00-14.00 Matteo Brogi / Dan Bayliss Optical/IR Astronomy
7 Wed, Nov 13 09.00-11.00 Grant Kennedy Interferometry
8 Wed, Nov 20 09.00-11.00 Boris Gaensicke  

Home work assignments:

  • Assignment 1: questions related to lecture on observing (23 Oct 2019). Deadline: 30 Oct 2019, end of. Related materials: Observing, Astronomical seeing, stellarium
  • Assignment 2: questions related to lecture on X-ray astronomy (30 Oct 2019). Deadline: 6 Nov 2019, end of. Related materials: Lecture notes
  • Assignment 3: questions related to lecture on CCDs, photometry, and spectroscopy (TBD). Deadline: TBD. Note: lecture slides are in the linked directory given in the assignment sheet.