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PhD Opportunities

Dr Brogi is advertising a PhD project on the characterisation of exoplanet atmospheres with high-resolution spectroscopy. The project is intended to start in Fall 2021.

Half of the project will be focussed on obtaining and analysing observations of exoplanet systems at infrared wavelengths, by using the biggest telescopes on the Earth (VLT, TNG, CAHA) and high resolution spectrographs. These observations will target giant and Neptune-size exoplanets and the analysis will aim at measuring their physical (temperature) and chemical (composition) properties.

In addition, the project will focus on simulated observations of temperate exoplanets via the next-gen Extremely Large Telescope. It will focus on a few classes of atmospheres that are thought to be dominant, and on the detection of biomarkers, i.e. a set of molecules that is commonly interpreted as indicator of biological activity.