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Aisling Bergin

Position: 2nd Year PhD Student

Supervisor: Prof. Sandra Chapman

Project Title: Data Analysis Applied to Space Weather

Background: BA Physics & Astrophysics, TCD, 2018

Project Outline

Space weather events can cause disturbances in the Earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere. Severe disturbances can cause disruption to electrical power systems, aviation, communication systems and satellite systems. Magnetometer stations on the ground are used to track changes in the magentosphere-ionosphere system. Geomagnetic indices are calculated based on measurements from these stations. These indices are valuable as they have been recorded for many decades. My PhD project aims to apply statistical techniques to series of geomagnetic indices in order to quantify space weather events in new ways.


Bergin, A., Chapman, S. C., & Gjerloev, J. W. (2020). AE, DST and their SuperMAG counterparts: The effect of improved spatial resolution in geomagnetic indices. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 125, e2020JA027828. doi:10.1029/2020JA027828

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Office: PS116/117