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Tim Duckenfield

Position: 1st Year PhD student

Supervisor: Professor Valery Nakariakov

Funding: STFC studentship

Research Interests: My area of research is the study of coronal kink wave oscillations for use in plasma diagnostics. Recent improvements in spatial and temporal resolution of the corona have allowed us to observe oscillations before, during and after flares in an unprecedented amount of detail. This has led to the discovery of low amplitude, decayless oscillations that appear to persist through flaring events. The origin of these oscillations is unclear, having been obscured previously by the much higher amplitude (and better understood) decaying oscillations that accompany flaring events. I am interested in better understanding and categorising these decayless oscillations, for the eventual use in MHD coronal seismology.

Background: MSci Joint Honours Mathematics & Physics, University of Durham 2014

Contact details:

Office: PS106