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3d visualisation of datasets using chromo-stereoscopy

Chromo-stereoscopic rendering of a numerical simulation of a prominence formation (Galsgaard and Longbottom, 1998)

The effective visualization of three dimensional (3d) datasets, both observationally and computationally sourced, is becoming common in solar physics. The paper On the visualization of three dimensional datasets by Verwichte & Galsgaard (1998) presents example plots of data from a 3d magnetohydrodynamical simulation, where depth perception is simulated using chromo-stereoscopy. The depth information is coded into the images using colours. When such images are viewed with double prism refraction ChromaDepth (TM) 3D glasses, a pronounced 3d effect is achieved. This visualization method is especially suited for working with and presenting computationally derived 3d datasets.

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Research paper:
Verwichte, E. and Galsgaard, K.: 1998, On the visualization of 3d datasets, Solar Physics 183, 445-448.
Solar Phys. website

Proceeding paper:
Brown, D., Galsgaard, K., Ireland, J., Verwichte, E., Walsh, R.: 1999, Realisation of 3-dimensional data sets, JOSO Annu. Rep. 1998, p. 74-212: Magnetic fields and oscillations. 3rd Euroconference ASPE98 (Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference 1998), Potsdam/Caputh (Germany), 22-25 Sep 1998.

Verwichte, E. (presented by C. Foullon): 2002, Visualisation of 3d datasets, Chromo-stereoscopy, 1st STEREO Workshop, Paris, 18-20 Mar 2002.