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PhD research in heliophysics at the University of Warwick (UK)

A PhD project opportunity, starting October 2012 (for 3.5 years), is available for research on 'Multi-spacecraft investigations of solar and heliospheric plasmas'. The project is supervised by Dr. Claire Foullon, in the Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics (CFSA), Physics Department, at the University of Warwick, UK.

Heliophysics is in its golden age, with an unprecedented number of satellites providing observations of unparallel quality, either (remotely) of the Sun or (in-situ) of the solar wind. The project will be to investigate plasma and dynamical properties using the complementarity of multi-spacecraft observations. The objective is to reveal phenomena and unravel the physics governing key regions of our Sun-Earth system in the chain of space weather events that can affect our radiation environment, our communication systems and our climate. This brand new PhD project will equip the student with skills suited to address future science with Solar Orbiter, the mission recently approved for launch by ESA.

The position is now filled and will be funded by STFC. Please follow the links for further details on PhD studies in Warwick, where all queries regarding postgraduate study can be answered.